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Created in 2001 by the founder of, José Neves, SWEAR is the footwear brand with a musical following that would make any cult designer seethe with jealousy. The first design, the DEAN, went on to sell 1 million pairs worldwide and has become the footwear essential for a growing subculture.

SWEAR is synonymous with the casual hybrid shoe, relevant within contemporary fashion footwear market, exploring its design language through playfulness of silhouettes, materials and craftsmanship, succeeding in delivering intricate design twists and modernity in traditional shapes and details.

Taken to the streets by garage rock revival bands such as The Strokes, White Stripes and The Hives, SWEAR’s first original design, the ‘DEAN’ – a pointed shoe with distinctive rubber sole - marked the brand’s instantly recognizable SWEAR style of the 00’ s. The Dean went on to represent the look of a subculture and establishing SWEAR London as a cult brand worldwide.

Now with a new Creative Director, SWEAR continues to lead the contemporary fashion footwear market with original and fashion forward designs.